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Workshop Show Stoppers

Workshops from 2024

A gallery to showcase the work of those attending my workshops.

Workshops are geared to improving water colour techniques, learning new techniques, trying something new, being in a like minded group of artists.  Everyone gets something different out of the day long experience.

I plan my workshops to be inclusive so that people of all abilities can achieve.


May 24 - San Man - A portrait of a traditional man living in Namibia.


Introducing a new technique:  We first created a tonal study in pencil.  Once we were happy with this we had a master print on which to paint our man.  Using the grey scale tones created by the graphite pencil, we painted over the drawing using Brown Madder, New Gamboge Yellow and Ultra Marine Blue.  Most were not completed by the end of the day so I have included a few work in progress photos here and in the gallery below,  I will up date the web site as the completed paintings come through to me.

























Tiger, Feared Loved and Reveared - photos are on the gallery.  Have a look and see how we did.

Click on the 2 links to view the videos.

   Tiger, Feared, Loved and Revered - a review


  Tiger, Feared, Loved and Revered Cont.


Have a look at our paintings below.